What we have prepared for you is a complete set of text formatting tools, along with many other tools, including mathematical, phonetic and encryption .

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A variety of useful online tools for processing text (text editing, analyzing text, sort lists and much more), What we have prepared for you is a complete set of text formatting tools, along with many other tools, Simple, single task, browser based, text manipulation tools , Voyant Tools is a web-based reading and analysis environment for digital texts. * Uppercase - converts all characters to upper case- Lowercase - converts all characters to lower case- Count characters - counts all characters in text- Count words - counts words in text- Count lines - counts new lines in text- Rotate 13 - Moves each character with 13 positions forward in the ASCII table- Sort lines alpha - Sorts text lines alphabetically- Word frequency - How many times each word is used- Character frequency - How many times each character is used- Column from table - Allows you to get text column from HTML table. Copy and paste the table content in the text field and type the column number you want to extract then press Start- Trim lines - removes whitespace from end of lines- Replace text - replaces one string with another- Format JSON - pretty format JSON string- URLEncode - Encode string as URL safe string- URLDecode - Decode URL safe string as regular string- base64encode - Encode text as base64- base64decode - Decode base64 sting- Add line numbers - Add line number before every line of text- Split text - Splits text by separatorConvert, merge, and edit text files with the help of these handy utilitiesConvert, merge, and edit text files with the help of these handy utilities remove duplicate lines line counter reverse text character count count lines text mechanic remove duplicates duplicate remover remove duplicates online remove duplicate click counter line count remove empty lines word scrambler random string generator textmechanic replace text random line picker online duplicate remover 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